Wind turbines are the right choice for the environment

Wind turbines are producing more energy than ever

We use energy for a lot of things in our every day. Many of the technological products we use are based on energy. Most of these products are very helpful for us and make our every day much easier. But if these products have to stay forever, we need to base them on green energy from e.g wind turbines. The energy production damages our environment too much. Read the following part to get to know more about green energy

What is green energy and why is it important?

As mentioned earlier we use a lot of energy in our energy. Our computer, our TV, our heat in the house and many many more things are based on energy. That means we use a lot of energy, which of course damages the environment in the long run. Therefore, we have to use green energy. 

Green energy is a way to produce energy. Most of the production right now is bad for the environment, but the green energy is meant to be a better option for the environment. It is based on natural things such as water, wind and sunshine. That means it is both better for the environment and a persistent source. 

Fortunately we are getting much better at producing green energy. Wind turbines produced 43 percent of Denmark’s electricity consumption in 2017, which is the highest percentage ever.

Producere green energy with wind turbines

How can we use green energy even better?

We produce a lot of energy with wind turbines and other green ways, but we need to find a way to make it replace oil, petrol and so on soon. Fortunately the market for electric cars is growing in both Denmark and the rest of the world. There was sold about 3000 electric cars in Denmark in 2018, which is an increase of 321 percent compared to 2017. That is a very good evolution for the environment and is due to many different things. First of all there are coming a lot of new alternatives. There are so many giant car brands trying to get into the electric car market, because they know it is the future. The electric cars are also fairly cheap in Denmark, because the government have chosen to put less charges on them. 

Why should you buy an electric car?

  • Much better for the 
  • Many cool designs
  • Cheap because of less fees

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